1. Packer
2. Packer Assembly
3. 3x Support
    (welded to casing)
4. 3x Gravel Port
6. X-Over to screen Liner
7. Liner
8. Screen

The STOP-SAND is already in use in Saudi Arabia since 2001, and it has been developed as a standard tool which provides a new permanent solution to the old problem of sand pumping.
To date, more than 100 STOP-SANDs have been installed in Saudi Arabia.
SAUDI ARAMCO and the Ministry of Water and Electricity (MOWE), have adopted the STOP-SAND as an integral part of Water Well construction in sandy formations.
Other users of the STOP-SAND in Saudi Arabia are SHELL, LUKOIL, SINO SAUDI GAS and National Water Company (NWC).
The first export of STOP-SAND outside Saudi Arabia has already begun (Kimbiji Project, Tanzania).
The STOP-SAND is the only component of the Integrated System made in carbon steel (API J 55) instead of stainless steel (available on demand).