Hajjan Drilling Co. is a 100% Saudi Company owned by Mr. Mostafa Hamzah Hajjan.
Hajjan Drilling Co. began to operate in Dammam on 1976 under the management of Mr. Mario Rescia.
Since then we have drilled more than 1000 water Wells all over Saudi Arabia, and carried out more than 100 workovers.
Our most important clients in Saudi Arabia are ARAMCO, SINO SAUDI GAS, LUKSAR, SRAK, ENIREPSA, Ministry of Water and Electricity (MOWE) , National Water Company (NWC) and Ma’aden, although we also cooperate with other public institutions, as the SAUDI FUNDS, and private firms.
A substantial part of our work has been executed in the Rub' Al Khali desert; this includes the drilling of about 40 new water Wells with depth ranging from 100 m to 2,665 m (deepest depth ever reached in any of the Rub’ Al Khali Water Well Drilling Projects), 65 workovers of old Wells and also topographic survey for Geophysics and Oil Wells.
Naturally, during all these years, we have accumulated an extremely valuable experience and collected a large amount of important data; our know-how is hence at disposal of anyone who needs to work in the R.A.K. desert, particularly for water supply to the Oil and Gas exploration Projects or aquifers study.
The core of our business is the Drilling of Water Wells with any design and specifications, but, in addition, we can also offer special jobs as:
. Well Reabilitation
. Air Foam drilling
. Coring
. Well Camera Log
. Gravel Pack installation by means of our STOP-SAND Liner Hanger Packer (worldwide patented)
. Pumping Test
. Installation and retrieval of Electrical Submersible and Line Shaft Pumps.

Further, through our partner Bravo Consultancy JLT, we can also offer the following consultancy Services in Saudi Arabia:
. Information on morphology of determined areas . Information on transportation routes (distance, degree of difficulty) . Advice on best suitable vehicles for desert travel or transportation . Cost estimations for water Well drilling, access roads and Well sites . Geological information for water Well drilling . Well design and specifications according to ARAMCO's and MOWE's Standards.

All our activities, which involve about 300 people and a fleet of 10 rigs, with 24 hours work coverage, are directed from our Head Office in Sihat (Dammam), where also our main yard of 25,000 m² is situated.
Quite important are also our desert base camp in the South (Tukhman – N 22° 12' 28”, E 49° 39' 42”), from which all the Rub' Al Khali projects are logistically supported, and the permanent camp and yard facilities in Wasia water Well field near Riyadh.
If interested, please contact us for more information on our activities.